Apeiron Consulting

Developing Agile and Collaborative Leaders

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Our Promise

Straightforward Support in a Complex World

We understand the challenges facing leaders today. Navigating the complexity, uncertainty and pace of change in the global marketplace requires a sophisticated set of skills. That’s where we come in. With our breadth and depth of experience in the international corporate arena we have the insight needed to really connect with clients and help them face their challenges from a position of authenticity, strength and clarity.

Practical Experience and Quality Insight

Running a business is challenging and it can be hard to know where to look for support – we know, we’ve been there ourselves. Our entrepreneurial experience, combined with the quality you would expect from having worked for blue-chip organizations, gives us a unique insight into business challenges. This coupled with our deep understanding of human behavior helps us accelerate your professional development and delivers powerful results for you and those around you.

Collaborative Approach - Outstanding Results

Delivering business outcomes is as important to us as it is for you. We know there are many factors that influence personal development and deliver corporate results. That’s why we start every assignment with a full needs analysis. Our holistic approach, strong communication and emphasis on collaboration ensure that we deliver a programme that is right for you. We create a warm supportive environment whilst still providing the critical challenges needed to facilitate your personal development. We like to work in partnership with our clients to ensure that solutions are sustainable and not just a short -term fix.

Katherine is great at listening too and understanding a business, perceptive in asking the right questions to bring out the core opportunity or issue. Distilling that from me personally, annually across our executive team, helps us keep our focus.
It is an important function for any business to have a trusted ...
Daniel Vaughan, CEO Co-Founder, Absolute Black Ltd
I hired Katherine as a business consultant / coach over a 6 month period to help me formulate plans for my business and address my leadership style. The time I spent with her gave me great clarity and truly helped me look at myself as well as my business objectively. ...
Antony Spanbrook MD, Luminous Experiential MSL GROUP
"I subscribe that learning and change behaviour in adults can be achieved through coaching. I can see the value of a coaching culture for myself and throughout the corporation."
Grace Ban, MD, Estee Lauder Singapore
"I would rate Katharine 9.5 out of 10. Great listening and eager to solve problems also experienced in business operations, therefore brings credibilty in analysis. I have and will recommend her."
Mark Berggren, MD, MMSA Consulting
"Overall, I found the sessions to be highly beneficial and well worth the required time commitment. This is a structured program being administered by a skilled coach in a completely private environment without disruption. It helped to provide clarity to my own thoughts about organizing and managing our business and ...
Richard Scalon, Partner, MD, Crescent Global Capital Management
"Katherine has a nice easy listening style and has had enough experience in the commercial world to build good discussions around issues. I found the overall experience very useful....my thinking on some issues went from 30% clarity to over 80% clarity as a result of our encounters"
John Irving, MD, DIAGEO, Asia Beer Division