As an entrepreneur it can be hard to know where to turn for advice and support. Finding someone with the right experience and credibility can be difficult. Finding someone you can trust with your doubts, challenges and hopes is even harder. We can help with that. We provide a confidential sounding board for entrepreneurs creating the time and space to focus on your vision for the future and the strategic issues that matter to you most.

One to One Coaching

Successful entrepreneurs need an expansive and varied set of skills to be effective. They often need to take on multiple roles within the organization, working at both an operational and strategic level, as well as proactively engaging externally. Our one to one coaching and support can help entrepreneurs focus on their own personal development inside and outside the businesses. We create a space for self-reflection, help you understand your own drivers, strengths and development areas, and enable sustainable change.

Group Coaching

When growing from start-up to small business mode, communication styles and behaviors often need to develop in tandem. We can help with that. We will work with you and your colleagues to ensure alignment and clarity of communication. We will help you to look at things objectively, encourage focus, and break the process down into a logical sequence of actions. Most importantly the process will engender a sense of group commitment and create a shared vision for growth.

Strategic Planning

At the heart of everything we do is our desire to help you realize your maximum potential and to become more successful in achieving your business goals. Supporting you in strategic planning is one way in which we can help. We understand what’s involved in creating a successful company and can coach you through the process providing challenge and insight where it is needed.

Although they often face similar challenges, we know that every business is different and we focus on providing highly tailored personal support. Open communication is really important to us and we really take the time to get to know you and understand your business context whilst sharing with you our substantial experience and expertise in strategic planning to create a sustainable and powerful plan for the future.