There has never been a more challenging time to be a leader: the pace of change, interconnectedness of marketplaces and complexity of systems requires adaptability, collaboration and ongoing re-calibration. For today’s leaders, being effective requires agility and a clear understanding of organizational context.

Our substantial experience in supporting senior leaders enables us to facilitate positive, observable and meaningful change and to do so quickly and effectively. With our deep understanding of business fundamentals, clarity of objectives and clear communication we can help you realize your organizational goals. We facilitate sustainable behavior and culture change and build a way forward that works for you, the organization and your team.

We support leaders in three main ways:

Executive Coaching

With international executive coaching experience we are confident in our ability to help leaders develop and become more effective in their work. We create an open and trusting space for reflection and work with you to create a worthwhile and tangible plan for the future.

Helping leaders develop their self-awareness is fundamental to our work. Increased self- awareness creates the confidence to recognize strengths, identify values, uncover blind spots and discover opportunities for growth. Everyone is influenced by an unconscious biases to a greater or lesser extent and we will work with you to see how this can affect your behavior and the quality of your decisions. We aim to help our clients really understand their thought patterns and the beliefs underpinning their behaviors.

But we do more than just talk. We are future focused and work with clients on their strategy before creating impactful action plans.

Group Coaching

As boundaries between roles become increasingly blurred, and collaboration and network thinking emerge as key skills for success for the future, developing high performing teams is more important than ever. A collection of high achieving individuals is rarely enough to sustain organizational success – the advantage lies with the team that can work together effectively. Virtual teams present particular challenges and we can share our insight on creating the behaviors and culture needed for their success.

With our substantial experience in group coaching we know how to awaken understanding, insight and meaningful results for the whole team. We draw on a number of different approaches to team building including one to one coaching, facilitated meetings and specialized workshops to deliver real results. Support and coaching for teams can be particularly beneficial when teams are undergoing a shift in strategy or post-merger integration.

Action Learning Projects

Strong leadership development occurs not only in the acquisition of new knowledge, theories and ideas but also in the practical application of those ideas into business deliverables. Action learning projects provide a challenging, realistic and relevant context in which to apply and develop new skills while helping the bottom line. Participants learn to take risks, collaborate and develop adaptive behaviors by practicing them in a real business environment while still generating tangible results for the organization. These projects are particularly useful when undergoing change management initiatives. Participants adapt and respond flexibly to new situations, learn from mistakes, and test theories in a low risk context : skills essential for innovation and organizational agility.