Family Business

Family Business

Many businesses are built up over a lifetime, or even generations. Preserving the future of your business once you retire can be an emotional and difficult task. We understand that and can help you make plans for the future, even if your immediate family are not interested in taking over the reins. With personal entrepreneurial experience, we understand how much it matters when it’s your name on the door or on the product. We are committed to providing high quality and impartial advice when you need it most.

Objective Sounding Board

All family business’ face challenges and periods of difficulty at some point. We can help with that. We will act as trusted confidante with no agenda or vested interests. We have a deep understanding of business fundamentals and human behavior, as well as the practical experience of applying this in the workplace. We can help you work through your options in an unbiased and supportive manner, and facilitate as you develop and reach solutions that work for you and your family.

Next Generation Innovation

Organizations that do not keep pace with the changing trends in the marketplace find their position eroded. In a family business the need to innovate can be particularly challenging as parental and sibling relationships impact decision-making. We can help by building developmental and performance coaching models that will reflect your family values while creating a platform for growth and innovation.

Succession Planning

Succession planning in families is not always just about who will take over the family business or how a business should be prepared for sale. It’s also about how a family’s investments and legacy are honoured, protected and passed along to future generations. We can facilitate conversations around what is “fair” and what is realistic in order to successful to have a successful generational transition. Creating a family charter is one way we can help. The family charter will encourage the alignment of family interests and values along with the importance of delivering financial returns.